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Something huge is coming - The grand galactic convergence

Updated: Mar 7

The video I'm about to offer shows the world's top billionaires building underground bunkers. The news anchor goes on to ask, what are they afraid of? What do they know that we do not know? Are they developing it to avoid a worldwide catastrophe?

It's high time we wake up from the illusionary reality we've been fooled into. Yes, a worldwide catastrophe is imminent. And no bunkers would be deep enough, and no spacecraft could fly you far enough. What is coming is a Grand galactic convergence.

Before I even begin to speak about it, I can hear people's opposition. Some may claim I'm trying to instill terror. But fear cannot be spread. If my words trigger fear, then that's a gateway of opportunity for you to step through. And some may even say, "Let the global catastrophe happen; I don't care because we're all going to die together." This would be another avoidance tactic for the small identity self, which still considers itself to be disconnected from the cosmos itself.

However, if we are actually courageous enough to go past the avoidance mechanics into our fear, we will have the greatest potential to step through our small self identity into the truth of who we truly are, which is the cosmic self interwoven with the flow of the universe. We are indeed intrinsically related to the galactic center, the sun, and the planet.

Many waking folks have seen the sign 11:11 from time to time. For me, it represents our soul's connection to the galactic center, the sun, and the earth's soul. When we truly follow our soul and make aligned decisions, we become part of a larger movement rather than a distinct bubble. This is the most incredible freedom we could ever imagine. 

Also, if you think "I'm spiritual, I meditate regularly, and I feel good about myself" - not so sorry to break your bubble. That is, certainly, another avoidance bubble. We can't keep on living today the same as yesterday. When we completely step out of the ego, we begin to observe and feel other malevolent energies attempting to deceive and drag us off course from our aligned destiny. This energy of what I'm speaking about has created intentional love and light bubble to dupe people into it - a sophisticated deception. I would say a major portion of the spiritual mainstream is alluding to this. Those who are alluding to it may think they are walking an aligned path, but plugging into a deceptive energy in the 4D and not to their soul.

There is a way out of this if we are truly honest with ourselves. Right now cosmic energies are teaming up around the earth to help us awaken from this mass delusion and step into our soul. The universe has created the perfect circumstances for us to awaken. This journey is not a build-up process but its actually a progressive destructive process - shattering all the illusion we allude into it.

We are not physical. We are not human. We are spiritual beings incarnated into a human vehicle. And the opportunity is for us to step into the truth of who we really are. Are you going to be the one who will be listening to this invitation ?

If you are I extend my arm to you. Here are the spiritual services I offer.

Vimal💚 🙏

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