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Secret to a still mind - Raising one's vibration

Updated: Feb 19

One of the most common concerns raised in spiritual inquiry and meditation is mental chatter. People convey difficulty in meditation owing to their minds, therefore the issue becomes, how can I still or quiet the mind?

In this case, I'd like to revisit the fundamentals of spiritual inquiry and offer some of the insights. First and foremost, there is no need to quiet or calm your mind. If there is an attempt to do so, it is solely from the ego. Because the mind is a great tool, the only problem in this case this the tool is using us and not vice versa.

Look around your room. What are you seeing? Walls, furniture, computer, etc. We all know that they are merely objects in the landscape of our awareness. Can you see thoughts in the same manner - as objects in our consciousness? One of my favorite authors says to consider thoughts as simple bird sounds - One bird may remark, "Hey, you are wonderful and you achieved so and so forth," while the other bird may say, "Hey, you messed up once more; you could have done better." It may sound convincing in many circumstances. But they're just birds commenting on your experience. Can you see your thoughts in the same way?

~Settling the mud~

Alan Watts had articulated himself rather eloquently. If you have a glass of murky water and want to settle the muck, you won't swirl the water to settle it, but will instead set the glass aside. When we do this, the mud settles to the bottom over time, and the water becomes increasingly clear.

Alternatively, you could visualize the mind as clouds flowing through the sky of your consciousness. However, you are not the clouds in the background, but rather the still sky. When we approach meditation in this manner, something significant occurs: at some point, you get disassociated from the mind and settle further into the observer.

The thoughts are a symptom, not the problem. This is mostly because our mind is focused on denser vibrations, which drown out lighter vibrations. Imagine you are watching an orchestra perform. However, the artist playing the bass drum is playing it so loudly that you can barely hear the sounds of the other instruments. The subtle tones of the flute and violin are drowned out. After a while, this becomes normal, and one may find it difficult to accept that other subtle sounds exist.

~Let's science it up a little bit~!

According to quantum physics, the Universe consists of 11 dimensions. We can tune into each of these dimensions. However, humanity's awareness is currently tuned into the lowest three dimensions: physical (1st dimension), emotional (2nd dimension), and mental (3rd dimension). You can compare us to a radio tuned to these three stations.

When we engage in spiritual work and begin to dig deeply into the essence of reality, we gradually begin to unwind the various ties that bind us to these layers. For example, fear of survival, poverty consciousness, illness, and so on would cause us to identify with physicality. Dependence in relationships and other negative emotions would bind us on the emotional plane. The conditioning and mental programming we got from our parents, teachers, and society as a whole would tie us to the mental level. However, through the inner process of mediation and self-inquiry, we would peel off these many identities to these distinct layers.

At this point, one experiences awakening and thereby experiences the fourth dimension or causal body. This means that the kundalini energy has started to rise from the base and activate the heart. Thus our consciousness and orientation in life shift from purely logic-oriented to following the heart. We may feel compassion for others while experiencing unconditional love. But the journey does not end there; it is just the beginning! To be clear, I'm not stating to switch off the mind. But when the heart opens it takes precedence in our lives and the mind begins to be an effective tool working in harmony with the heart.

~Raising one's vibration~

At this point, our focus may shift from shaping or controlling reality to manifesting egoic desires to experiencing deep joy and unconditional love. These are subtle vibrations as opposed to the dense vibrations of the mind and emotions, so raising our vibration is essential for tuning in to these subtle and higher frequencies. We are preparing our vehicle - body, and mind, for the lighter vibrations. So here are some tips to help you raise your vibration.

1. Meditate - Daily meditation allows us to disengage from mental games and identification with the story of our lives and instead settle into the observer and experience deep inner peace.

2. Purifying diet - If we eat more dense foods, such as meat and dairy, our consciousness is likely to become focused on these frequencies. However, if we adopt a more pranic diet and fasting practices, such as intermittent fasting, we can detoxify our bodies and be attuned to lighter vibration.

3. Practice setting boundaries - If we are consumed within toxic relationships or relationship dynamics that generate a lot of negative emotions then it can inadvertently hurt our health and peace. So it's critical to establish healthy boundaries within relationships.

4. Declutter the mind - How often do we become engrossed in media, social networks, and other distractions, only to find ourselves scrolling? Being mindful of these behaviors can also help us set boundaries within them. Let's face it: we have a relationship with our phones. Many times, it appears that this relationship serves us by giving us a dopamine shot. However, you know when this relationship turns toxic.

5. Spend time in nature--this is my favorite. When I connect with Mother Nature, she helps me ground myself, calm my thoughts, and tune into lighter frequencies. She can help you develop self-love! Have you tried cold plunging? It is one of my favorite practices. It can effectively remove negativity and raise one's vibration. Check out cold plunging here.

Returning to the original topic of releasing the thought loops. When we raise our vibration, we begin to tune into the higher vibrations of the soul. It can be perceived as divine love, interconnectedness, joy, focus, passion, and so on. The more we focus our consciousness on these lighter vibrations, the less influence the mind has on us. We begin to feel the pure joy of being and living! What better way to live your life?

It is my passion to help others on a similar journey of discovering the joy of being and interconnectedness. Learn more about it here: Soul Facilitation

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