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Our divine orientation - a life of purpose and meaning

If you've been exploring your inner landscape for a time, you've most certainly begun to receive divine guidance in the form of heartfelt knowing, signs, and synchronicity. It's a magical feeling of being held in an inquiry that is supported and nurtured, actualizing who we truly are!

I like to think of this in terms of energy and frequency. Maybe it's the scientist in me who seeks to ground and articulate higher knowledge so that the mind may grasp wisdom. When we begin to purify our bodies, emotions, and minds via self-inquiry, we break free from the baggage we carry unknowingly, and our vibration begins to rise. This can be likened to a radio that begins to tune into various frequencies. We begin to get our information from other sources than before. By then, we may have begun to trust our ability to discern whether information is true for us by looking for resonance in what get externally. We will also sense a significant rise in our energy levels, which are no longer obstructed within as a result of the many baggages we have released. We may begin to create in new ways, and our entire lives may shift as a result.

Our orientation would also have changed drastically at this point which is no longer invested in manifesting the things we think we want but it becomes more of a journey of learning and evolutionary growth. Great peace comes with this shift in inner orientation.

We can't lose in this game because we will come to realize, that life is not about achieving any particular goal or reaching a destination but it's more about the constant unraveling of the old self and the emergence and embodiment of the new. We start to see how every situation especially the challenging ones is only helping us learn about ourselves and gain greater freedom. Life shifts from one of constant doing to one of being. The creative action is sparked no longer from the programmed mind which thinks it ought to complete certain things but it comes from the higher mind sparked by the divine inspiration.

At times the magic of divine connection may close down as we travel into inner density. This is an essential part of the journey and not something to be feared. Because only through such confrontation we grow as a being. If we are mindful we may notice this closing down as tightness and pain in the body and mind. They usually point to some unconsciousness we are carrying within.

If we are courageous enough to sit with the pain without trying to heal or fix the situation we are in, a valuable opportunity is presented to us. In time the inner blockage would resolve itself resulting in greater peace and harmony. We would have learned something crucial about ourselves at this point and embodied further qualities of being. It may be a renewed energy of peace and stillness or creativity, willpower, etc. They are the driving force for change and transformation.

Now more than ever each one of us is needed and invited to take this journey. Our planet is going through a massive transformation. This is happening when the sun's magnetic shield is lowered due to an upcoming solar minimum, while the earth's magnetic shield diminishes due to an ongoing pole shift. What this means is that more cosmic energy from the galactic core can reach the Earth. We can gain massively from this influx of energy. Our lives can be transformed and uplifted by it. But it's down to each one of us to choose our orientation. What would be yours?

Much love

Vimal 💚🙏

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