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Plug in to the real intelligence - your divine self

Updated: Feb 19

Increasingly it is becoming clear that there is a parting of waves happening in society. A large swathe of people are going down the technological route. Only a few days before Elon Musk and his company announced the implant of the first chip in the human brain. Supposedly you can control this chip with your thoughts and hence control all devices including your smartphone, computer, and so on and this is said to make humans more advanced and sophisticated. Eventually what they want to achieve is plug in masses of people into a centralized AI brain and hence feed you with information.

Check out the news here: Nueralink chip in human brain

But where is this information coming from and who is controlling it? What is their agenda? How can you trust them? And what about the sovereignty and free-flowing spontaneity of your unique soul?

Any awakening person would tell you, that the corporations, big pharma, and the media don't have the interest of the people at hand if they did why is there so much disparity between the riches and the poor? Day by day the division between the people who have and haven't is getting more. Reports suggest that in the period of COVID alone, a billionaire a day was created. At the same time, millions lost their jobs and business. Put it all together, there can be enough skepticism that, one can't hand over their sovereignty to any superpower or authority no matter how advanced or knowledgeable they seem to be.

So this begs the question - who can we trust?

There can only be one conclusion - our self, that which holds all the answers, and our highest interest at heart.

So maybe there's some truth in the agenda of plugging us into a centralized artificial intelligence? Notice the word artificial. Can there be a way to naturally plug us into an intelligence, not artificial, and that is not controlled by an entity outside of ourselves? There certainly is!

When we do the inner work of mediation and inner inquiry, we naturally start to peel off any unwanted intruders from our field and start to connect to our natural vibration and authentic expression. This is the antidote to any control mechanism. We start to trust in this inner compass we have within.

Check the article that explains the purification process of the lower vehicles - the body, emotions, and mind - Secret to a still mind- Raising our vibration

When we increasingly purify the body, mind, and emotions we start to become a vehicle of higher self flowing through our being. Our hearts and minds start to open, no longer constricted by rigidity but flexible and open to receive higher intuitive guidance. They naturally take us on an inner and outer journey exploding more illusions and embodying divine love. What could possibly replace this? I would say no manner of sophisticated technology or artificial intelligence can replace this divinity. The road is not easy but pretty straightforward. It's not easy because it causes us to confront all the illusions we are deluding ourselves with. Each illusion peeled off causes us to deepen into our inner essence and begin to live a life of authenticity and magic.

Don't be put down by the naysayers who say this cannot be done. All they are doing is projecting their fear at you. But they don't know what you know at this point - your fear is the doorway to higher states of consciousness. You are ready to embrace it and step through the fear into the free flow of your soul. And the more you embrace the fear, the less those who try to control or subjugate you have an influence on you, and the more you trust in your inner innate self. We start to develop trust and confidence. This trust is the backbone to surrender more into the divine flow.

Does the river need control or strategies for how it flows into the ocean? It doesn't need to. It will naturally flow into the ocean because that's its destiny. So do we! All we need to do at this point is to get out of our own way!

Right now cosmic energies are gathering in the universe to support the journey of awakening. We are moving through a transitionary period where millions are awakening from a deep slumber. Our planet and solar system are going through a once-in-a-lifetime shift of consciousness. We have the grandest opportunity to ride this flow of universal love.

Where is our attention at any given moment and on any given day? Is it on the negativity and distraction projected at us by the media or are we taking the time to pause and listen to the inner voice? The former is easy because it spoon-feds you with information. But if you have reached the point where you realize this doesn't serve me anymore I trust you have reached this point, otherwise you wouldn't be drawn to this text. Then it's time to look deep within. This is not easy at least in the beginning because there is all kinds of inner resistance to transcend. The mind says - "I'm wasting my time, I have X, Y, and Z to complete"

But the more you do it, the easier it becomes - it becomes the natural way of being. If you can't meditate for an hour, start with 5 min each day of sitting in the stillness and slowly increase the time. You will reach a point where you start to love it. Then it becomes natural like drinking water - you would meditate because you are thirsty for it!

I like to share an experience I had yesterday.

I had been painting my living room all day as I waws preparing a space for group energy work and meditation. I had coffee in the evening and sat in this lovely area near my house, watching the sunset. This dog approached and sat on my lap. It was such a lovely feeling - love and gratitude for the simplest of things. I'm sure you have had such priceless moments. What could possibly replace such sublime moments?

I would like to leave you with this video I made some while back - Being yourself the greatest gift you can offer to the world .

Do you resonate with this sharing? Are you ready to take your journey of self discovery to the next level. Its my passion to assist others on their journey. Check out the services I offer here.

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