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Andy, UK - Testimonial

Andy, UK

"Vimal is an amazing resource who is catalysing a very profound change in my being. He has the perfect light touch and presence which allows self-exploration in a safe and trustworthy space. I highly recomend his services for anyone looking to spiritually evolve"🙏
Thasneem, India - Testimonial

Dr.Thasneem, India

"I am wholeheartedly grateful to you for walking me through this tough journey. Thank you so much Vimal"🙏🏻
Jharna, India - Testimonial

Jharna, Art therapist, India

"Vimal has a very direct and non-judgmental personality—an extremely rare quality of questioning and looking deep into self-inquiry. His sessions have helped me see my issues from a 360-degree perspective, and when I feel helpless, some highlights of his review and perspectives come in very handy. I'm very appreciative that I found this support at this junction in my life."
Sumaiya, India - Testimonial

Dr.Sumaiya, Dubai

I had a session with vimal about three weeks back. I felt a lot of relief and some new found energy. I was initially confused how an online session would work out for me, but there was a certain flow to the entire process. I can undoubtedly say I felt safe to share my concerns. I felt a lot of comfort and safety in releasing a lot of my worries and burdens. I could feel a lot of issues leave me as well. I am so grateful I had this chance. Thankyou 💕. I look forward to having another session with you in near future. 🦋
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