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Soul initiation - periods of great challenge and growth

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

On the journey of the soul, there will be certain times when we will pass through periods of initiation. These are times of great challenge and, at the same time, maximum opportunity. In such situations, the ego would ask the question - What should I do here? Or, in other words, how can I fix the situation that I'm in?

On the other hand, the soul would ask, How can I BE in this situation? What new qualities of being are yearning to come through that will positively change the situation?

These qualities of beingness will come through when we process any blockages, attachments, and fears that are being presented in the situation.

What is soul orientation?

I read this beautiful quote from Openhand - when the soul (flow) is confronted with two choices, whether to flow towards hell or heaven, the choice is made purely based on which offers the greatest learning opportunity.

We create harmony in our lives to the extent that we feel harmonious inside. So all of these challenging situations, whether it is trouble in a relationship, family, lack of resources, etc., are providing crucial opportunities for the soul to break through into itself. These challenges come from karmic baggage that we have been carrying within ourselves anyway. The life situations are just reflecting this baggage. So why not go into it? If we dare to sit in the uncertainty and work into this tightness within ourselves, the soul will break through and find ways to flow in ANY situation.

Why consciously accepting challenge and pain is a good thing?

If we tell ourselves that life is easy and everything is supposed to happen our way, we are deluding ourselves. As all of us know, life can be challenging at times too. But if we consciously accept that life can be challenging and hard at times, we are also accepting ourselves in and through it. This is a great place where we can break through and evolve. The challenge and pain are only a problem when we are resistant to it.

I've been taking daily dips in the frigid Himalayan water at the nearby river stream since a few days ago. Have you ever jumped into the cold before? When we first do it, our bodies and minds would be shocked, but the resulting regeneration is well worth the discomfort. It has been helping me improve my digestive system along with my mood and energy levels. But crucially, I also learned the importance of consciously getting into the pain that we face.

You can read about it more here - Why cold plunge?

So we don't have to wait for someone else to come and save us from the mess that we sometimes find ourselves in. We are seeded with the universal power inside to come into alignment.

Stepping into the flow

Crucially, it is to realize, that we are creating our life situations at every twist and corner. It's projected from the inside, like a hologram, to the outside world. If we come to realize this, it's like something shifts inside. No longer are we invested in changing the situation so that it better serves our ego. But the question becomes, Why did I create this? And how am I supposed to be in this specific situation?

A few days ago, I found myself in a similar conundrum where the mind was trying to resolve the problem it was facing. It was giving me all kinds of visions and possibilities. But I asked the universe: "Show me". How am I supposed to be? I couldn't believe what I saw. Immediately ahead of me, I saw a message on a t-shirt: Hold your vision with a big stop-hand sign. What does that mean? It meant holding these visions of possibility in my mind without trying to jump to any conclusions.

Let's face it. Uncertainty is hard for the ego mind, which is used to knowing its ways in the world and operating from that place. But on the journey of the soul, we will have to come to terms with the uncertainty, and if we can be comfortable in the uncertainty, something will emerge from that place because we are not resistant to it. Everything starts to flow. And this flow can manifest miracles and magic! But not in the way the mind expects it to happen. But we have thrown away the tired old expectations of the mind; we have surrendered to the divine flow and are ready to follow it no matter what. Then it's only a matter of stepping into this flow.

I wish you all the best in your journey

Vimal 🩷🙏

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I would like to leave you with a song that I wrote and produced a while back. It's about breaking through into the freedom of the soul.

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