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Break free from the matrix - Live and create authentically!


What if you simply realized one day that YOU were what you were looking for? You are the divine! You create your reality every moment. And what you have is a mirror that allows you to see yourself—who you are and what you create. This mirror functions as an attenuation mechanism, refining your creations and expressions. And thus YOU have the power to create more authentically and change what's not serving you. All it needs is a shift in perception and readiness to dive deep within.

We've been duped into a matrix of rules and logic that tells us what we can become, how to behave, and what is and isn't possible. It begins in early childhood when we accept the conditioning of society, our parents, and school. When done repeatedly, this creates a strong set of mental programs known as identity, or ego. And the more we engage in our identity, the more it becomes ingrained in our psyche. It becomes so normalized that we don't even question it. After all, 8 billion people on the planet are in that! Look around, take a walk down the street. It can become obvious after a while of inquiring. Something isn't right with how things have been designed here.

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Yes, I would say it was designed because it was created in this manner, and humans have been programmed to fit into this system. Yes, we can function in it, draw resources from it, and even become comfortable with it to some extent. What if something else is possible? What if our divine birthright—our connection to divinity—has been stolen from us and we can reclaim it? It's possible! But we need to want it.

What would it be like to feel the innate joy of being, the expansiveness and timelessness, to feel intimately connected with nature and fellow beings, to have an open heart filled with love and excitement, to be fearless of any outcome, and to be vulnerable and trusting in the world? What would it be like to be able to express yourself freely and have fulfilling relationships and friendships?

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I'm just highlighting a few qualities, feelings, and expressions of our true selves—our soul. When we peel back the layers of identification (ego) in the body, mind, and emotions, something natural begins to emerge within our being. It starts with subtle glimpses into the sensation of it. When you experience this feeling for the first time, it's as if you've been searching for it all along. And no amount of persuasion or logic would allow you to question the feeling.

You simply recognize it as the truth. When it happened to me for the first time several years ago, I had an innate knowing that my life had changed completely and that there was no turning back, and this feeling was exactly what I had been looking for all along. But the journey does not end there. It's just the beginning. There is the question of how one can live and express themselves from within the soul at all times.

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You see, the world has purposefully narrowed our vision to keep us small and contained. There are distractions, entertainment, drugs, and other things that can alleviate the pain of being disconnected from our divinity. Yes, being disconnected from our inner essence causes pain, confusion, stress, and anxiety. We have medication to fix this and continue to function in the world. But at some point, the penny would drop—that path is not serving us anymore. There is a different route you can take, to reclaim what we have lost. The question is how?

Every time, you are feeling some kind of emotional distress, anxiety, pain, or confusion, they are all essential doorways towards freedom—to your soul. Remember what I said in the beginning: you are the divine; you create everything in your lives, including the pain and the discomfort—including the failures and mishaps. It's at this time, to take full responsibility for the feeling one is having. It is to recognize that, they were created to have a self-realization opportunity—to realize what you are not ( an identity) and what you are—the boundless soul free-flowing.

The soul is not afraid of any particular outcome because it simply doesn't need reality to be one way or another. It knows that, when something fails, or is lost, energy is created from the old, which can create something new. No feelings are wrong from this perspective because they are simply temporary creations on the blank canvas of life. When we let go of inner identification, we let go of any attachment whatsoever to outer reality as well. This is freedom. This doesn't mean, we won't create or engage in our lives. Far from it. It means we can simply engage with life, create, and express ourselves without attachment.


Intrigued? Are you curious, about how living from the soul looks and feels? Come explore with me.

I have designed this weekly group program to facilitate the emergence of the true self in others. It happens every Sunday at my place. Learn more about it here

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