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True Self Emergence

Dear explorers,

If there is a true self, there must also be a false self.  There is! We can also call it identity or the ego, which is a set of mental and emotional programs we have been conditioned with from birth. They are all illusions. They have served a purpose so far, but like a worn-out suite, it is something that must be let go at some point. That can be done. The journey is straightforward. When we progressively let go of this worn-out suite, something else emerges from the depth of our being. A profound sense of self-acceptance, ease of being, joy, passion, creativity, and adventure. We can call it the true self. How can we live in it the whole time? What if it can take us on a journey of self-discovery? That what I invite you to this group workshop. This session provides a safe empathic space for each of us to explore where we are on our journey and thus gain insightful reflections.  It happens every week on Sundays from 5 pm to 7 pm.

  These will be the essence of the session


  • The session starts with guided movements followed by a guided meditation to relax the body and mind and connect us with the energetic space

  • We move on to an exploration of ego identity and how that impacts us and how to break free and transcend the limiting ties that we feel inside.

  • There will be space and time to share where we are on our life - journey at this particular time. If you feel like simply being present to others and not sharing, that is also welcome. 

  • We work with the pain body that gets activated in the process using highly effective meditation practices.

  • When the density is cleared, we are opening up into our true essence which is freedom, flow, and authentic expression. A life of harmony, passion, and creativity begins from this essence within ourselves.

  • There is no prerequisite to attending this workshop. Simply showing up with an open mind is enough

  • The workshop is held at my place on Sundays from 5 pm - 7 pm. 

  • For more details and location, drop a WhatsApp message on +917483675440

 The group work focuses on: 


  • Breathwork and meditation

  • Chakra opening and attunement

  • Self-inquiry and realization

  • Breaking conditioned mind programming

  • Clearing energetic blockages, implants, and entities

  • Soul Activation

  • Expressing new beingness through music and movement

The workshop is held on donation basis
About the facilitator

Vimal is an empathic facilitator who can tune into the field, pick up energetic dissonances, point to the root cause of it and thereby guide on a path of self realisation. He can provide a safe nonjudgmental space for you to have an inner exploration. 

vimal- founder
Andy - client

"Vimal is an amazing resource who is catalysing a very profound change in my being. He has the perfect light touch and presence which allows self-exploration in a safe and trustworthy space. I highly recomend his services for anyone looking to spiritually evolve"🙏 - Andy, UK

Register here:


Wishing you well

Vimal 🙏

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