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When the path disappears

Updated: Feb 19

What is your life path? Perhaps it's your career? Or it could be a spiritual one.

For me, the path disappears as I realize that I can't control reality and thus step positively into the unknown. The path is defined by a goal or an outcome we think we must attain—perfection, for example. But at some point on the journey, I realized that there was no such final destination.

And instead of the path, there is an unfolding—into ever finer layers of myself. As each subconscious fear gets peeled away, we embody new gifts through which the path forges itself. No longer is there a path to follow, but we are creating it as we go! Every path, even and especially the spiritual path, can be a baggage that we carry that must be let go of at some point. It's a tremendous liberation! It allows us the freedom to make mistakes and thus discover that these mistakes are important elements on the path. And each gift we uncover within ourselves starts to positively shape our reality.

What are these gifts? It could be self-acceptance, surrender into the natural flow, joy, focus, resilience, etc. Every problem then becomes an opportunity to embody these gifts. It's no longer a problem to fix but an opportunity for self-actualization. These qualities are the answer to every problem we aim to fix and cure in our lives. So look at every situation and ask the question - what are the gifts that I'm invited to actualize through it? Remember the answer is not an intellectual one. It's an embodied realization. They get naturally integrated into our lives when we heal the blocking layers of trauma.

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