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To the land of Orginal humans

Updated: Feb 19

Last year, my partner and I went on a 2-day trekking trip to Kareri Lake near Dharamsala. It was made clear to us with plentiful synchronicities that we were feeling the original human in us through the experience. On the final spot where we camped near the lake, we found this incredible rock shaped like the skull of an early human. In the video, I talk about our experiences embodying this energy. There is some beautiful footage of the mountains and the forest around them. I hope it inspires your journey.

How can we embody the original human DNA once again? WE have been duped into believing in a system which is cut off from the natural rhythm of life. But I say its possible to connect back to our roots. This happens by the inner journey where we peel off the layers of attachment to the physicality.

Its my passion to support others on a similar journey. You can know more about the spiritual services I offer below!

Spiritual services - Soul facilitation

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