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The game changer in our spiritual evolution

What would you say is the game changer in your spiritual evolution?

I would say it is the ability to take ownership. What do I mean? Let's say, you put your energy into your passion to create something but it fails. You can expect all kinds of internal reactions like feeling like a failure, not being supported etc. But the most classic one would be to feel like the victim. When this happens, the tendency is to go into the mind and beat oneself up because of it. Or imagine being in a loving relationship with someone but your apparent needs arent being met. It would be easy to be the victim and blame the other the hurt we might be feeling. When we do this we unconsciously lose sight of the opportunity that was presented in the situation - the relationship as a mirror to see a deeper part of ourselves.

The most empowering thing at this point, is to realise that we have created the situation to realise something crucial about ourselves. No one is doing it to ourselves. It then becomes an opportunity of self realisation and growth. The orientation of life then becomes about a process of growth and expansion rather than achieving any particular outcome. We win in such a situation because every set back becomes an opportunity for success. It always was and always will be. All it needs is a shift in perspective. This is taking ownership of the situation.

But I'm definitely not talking about reframing the situation so that it becomes empowering as often is practised in many healing practices. I have often seen well acclaimed spiritual teachers advocating to practice compassion and patience instead of anger. This would be a judgment of seeing patience as somehow better than anger. In which case we miss the opportunity of reclaiming the gem inside the anger which could be will power, setting strong boundaries etc.

Instead taking true ownership is to go deep into the feelings in that moment by accepting it completely. If we can do that without projecting or blaming it on something or someone external to us, then we can quickly breakthrough the contraction into the true empowerment of the self.

Life becomes a continual process of dying of the old and the birth of the new. This becomes the engine for evolution and self expression. The new that emerges from the old is not a static state but a free flowing one. This is an energy when expressed into the world creates new pathways, connections and opportunities.

I would like to leave with you a song I made a year back which is aptly named "Emerge". Enjoy!

Vimal 💚🙏



The process of emergence becomes easier and effective in a non judgmental space offerred by a facilitator.

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