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Knowing our inner father

Updated: Feb 19

Who is our inner father? We all know of a father outside—our biological father—or we even call the sun our celestial father. But is there a father inside? I'm talking about an energy here. It's an energy that we can all embody that greatly benefits our journey.

I will begin by sharing an experience I had recently

I sometimes fast for a day and begin the next day with coffee. It can make one incredibly high and expansive. That's what I did, and I went to the nearby nature spot to bask in the morning sun and listen to some songs on my phone. But just when the first song started playing, I noticed that my phone was nearly dead, and sure enough, before the song could hit 20 seconds, my phone died. But I happened to catch the name of the song, which was synchronistically named The Love of the Father by Kevin Wood. The first inner feeling I noticed was a subtle victimhood. It went something like this: I fasted for the entire day yesterday, and all I wanted to do was listen to some songs and begin my day. Why would you do this to me? I'm sure you can all recognize the subtle projections we carry. But then I also noticed the perfection of the experience and what I was being invited to self-realize through it. I was projecting the divine, or father, as an outside entity and expecting some level of support from it, as synchronically pointed out by the name of the song. And then it hit me—most of the distortions that I carry can be traced back to this phenomenon.

How often do we feel that we are left alone in this confusing place without any kind of support, left to fend for ourselves? But this experience was inviting me to realize: "Look, you are the father, the divine, and the ONE. You create all the experiences you have. Why?

So that we can self-realize through it. So we can know who we are through it all.

This is a key characteristic of the father energy I'm talking about: it's ready to take ownership of its experience and not project or blame it outside. When we take ownership in this way, it can be incredibly healing and empowering.

Think about our relationships—how often do we project or blame the other person when something goes wrong? If we catch ourselves engaging in these behaviors, we can begin to transform them. A good question that I have found helpful in such situations is to ask, Why did I manifest this? And if you are not sure, ask the universe, "Show me." It usually illuminates an unconscious spot we have within, through which we can learn and evolve.

We can always win through such situations because, even when situations go the way we don't want, we see the perfection, the magic, and the value of experience. Through it, we are gaining something! But the moment we blame something outside as the causality of our experience, we disempower ourselves. We do it all the time, sometimes in the most subtle ways, because projecting it outside can temporarily ease the baggage we carry. But it never truly fulfills the true value of experience.

If we assume for a minute that the grand purpose of the universe and our existence is continual evolution and thereby aligned expression, we can conclude that this game of self-realization is all that's happening on any given day and every moment. We just miss this grand game because of all the goals and aspirations of the small identity self. But to truly come in alignment with the universe, is to see the opportunity in every experience.

What are the other traits of the inner father?

The father energy is trusting

The father energy is trusting in itself and the natural workings of the universe. I'm not talking about blindly trusting that everything will work out fine, although everything seems to click in when we come into alignment with the natural flow. But the ego can have its agendas, fears, and desires. It expects things to go a certain way, and when they don't, we may easily lose trust. But the trust I'm talking about is trust in the natural order of things by giving ourselves permission to flow with the universe and not against it. It doesn't create the situation we want, but it most definitely creates the situation we need to experience—to help us embody the next grandest version of ourselves.

The father energy is vulnerable

When we trust enough that the universe is not working against us but for us, then we furnish enough courage and strength to just let go of control and drop into the flow. It's that moment when we make ourselves vulnerable by accepting all the outcomes the flow harnesses for us. From my personal experience, even though the flow had harnessed some pretty challenging experiences, it was never something that I couldn't cope with, and I learned quite a lot about myself through it.

Think about this: a lot of energy is spent in controlling, protecting, and making the situations go our way. When we relinquish control, all that energy is made available to us, which gets naturally directed towards aligned action and creativity. This would create ever more harmonious situations for us.

The father energy is a natural leader

The inner father is resolute and ready to stand in its truth regardless of all the projections it receives. When one is trusting and sees the natural order of the universe clicking in around themselves, then there's every motivation to stand in this truth and express that.

I would like to share this experience I had many moons ago

I was studying control system engineering at a college in South India. Yes, I know—sometimes the universe gives a tight slap on our cheek and asks us to look at our reflections. In this case, it said, You have built a life based on control, and now it's time to relinquish it. I knew I had to, as there was every motivation and inspiration to do so. But the leap to the unknown seemed so monumental. I know this action would have consequences and opposition from my family, friends, and even worse, my mind! After all, I had worked my ass to get to this place. But one day, as I was contemplating taking this leap, this song came to me by Eminem. And the lyrics went like this:

"I'm not afraid

To take a stand

Come take my hand

We'll walk this road together, through the storm"

It felt like the whole universe came down at that point to support my action. Then it didn't matter what others said; I had the power of the universe to back up my actions. Any sense of self-doubt and fear vanished at that point, and I was filled with excitement and adventure for the step that I was about to take.

What are the other characteristics of father energy that you have noticed?

If this writing resonates and you would like to get in touch. It's my passion to assist others who are on a similar journey of self-realization.

I would like to leave with you a song.

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