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Breaking free from the collective bubble

Updated: Jun 6

I was invited to play music and accompany the musicians for a Dance for Universal Peace session. I went for the session in the hope of serving the community which was conducting it. Although I had intuition, the energy behind the movement was not fully in alignment with my orientation. The facilitators and people involved were kind and welcoming, and there was enough space to express oneself; nothing was expected from anybody. These were all good things about the dance sessions. However, I also saw some poignant synchronicities as I was inquiring about the nature of the energy and what I was feeling in my field. There was a dumping-down effect on my consciousness, especially around the crown and third eye area. What's this about? On the right side of the circle, a woman was wearing a T-shirt written "Puppet Master, and on the exact opposite, a guy was wearing a T-shirt with a picture of a monk elevated from the ground. Yes, the pieces were landing for me! There was an energy behind the scenes that was working on elevating people's consciousness into a collective bubble. A few minutes into the session, I was tuning into the group, and many people seemed 'blissed out' with smiling faces. They were feeling good about the whole thing, but at what cost?

The facilitators of the session were inviting this collective energy into the group, which was elevating the group. That is what they were 'trained' to do ~! I feel given to share; the cost is one's sovereignty and interconnectivity with the universe. The cost is the freedom and flow of each individual's soul. The cost is being lulled into a collective bubble, which is so far out of alignment with the natural flow of life and Gaia. In the journey towards truth, there are many self-deceiving traps one has to confront. The trap of light and love is one such thing. It makes you stop from inquiring more. It blinds you from the true nature of reality.

What was my part in it? How was I creating this? There was a subtle judgment as to whether they were wrong and I was right, which is a distortion. As was reflected through synchronicity, each has its path, and it's not my place to tell if they are wrong or right. Yet, it's my right to stand by the truth that I feel and draw effective boundaries. And if they truly respect and love me, they will understand my truth. If not, it's not unconditional love, and there is no point in connecting with such individuals. With that, I felt like drawing a boundary, thereby withdrawing myself from the group.

In the journey of self-realization, I have learned something - most people want to feel good about themselves and are not interested in peeling off layers of ego identification and truly unleashing the soul. That's the sad truth, but something I learned to live with. At the same, I also feel blessed to be connected with certain individuals in my life who are truly inquiring and exploding the myth of identification.

I realize that these are good opportunities to withdraw ourselves from that which doesn't serve us anymore and which is not in alignment with our highest truth. The more we effectively do that without conflict or judgment the better the reflections we create in our environment.

Vimal 💚🙏

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