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Crispy chocolate cookies

So many cookies I tried were either unhealthy or too soft. But I wanted to make a crispy, healthy cookie with no sugar or refined flour. So I came up with this recipe. The secret to the crispiness is using corn flour in addition to whole wheat.


Vegan omelet and quinoa salad

This omelet tasted so delicious I wanted to share with you guys. The secret to getting an eggy taste is black salt. This a super healthy protein rich breakfast recipe that will keep you full for a long time

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Vegan protein smoothie

This is one of my favorite drinks that I take on most mornings and its really easy to make. I have found that when we are on a vegan diet, its really important to have adequate protein intake so that the body feels satisfied and fuller for a longer time

Banana chocolate cake

I wanted to make a healthy yet delicious banana chocolate cake without using sugar or dairy and using a mix of different gluten-free flour. That's how I invented this recipe and the cake turned out to be really delicious. If you dont have a problem with using all-purpose flour(maida) you can adjust the recipe accordingly.

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