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Home made Oat milk recipe

If you are transitioning to a healthy vegan diet, it's important to find an alternative to the food you used to consume earlier so that the transition can be smooth and easier. I love the banana chocolate smoothies that I drink in the morning. I find that Oat milk can go amazingly well for the smoothies and it is less taxing on the body. It's incredibly easy to make oat milk. So why not try it?


Rolled oats - 1 Cup

Water - 3 cups

That's it - that's all the ingredients you need!

Blend the ingredients listed above in a blender for 30 seconds. If the oats has a hard texture, soak it for 20 minutes before blending it. Pour the blended mixture through a nutbag or cheesecloth to separate the milk from the fiber. Be careful not to squeeze the bag too much, as the resulting milk may be slimy. You have thick, creamy oat milk ready to serve. You can also sweeten the milk with dates, jaggery, or honey. I tried making Chai/tea with the oat milk, but I wouldn't say I liked the texture or flavor, but it works great in smoothies.

Below is one of my favorite drinks in the mornings - Vegan protein shake

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