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Healing Music

Dear explorers, 

Come join us for an intimate gathering where we sing from the heart, drawing from the timeless wisdom of Kabir and the Sufi tradition. These songs speak to the essence of life, love, and the mysteries of existence, offering clarity and healing. In our circle, we'll explore these profound verses together, letting their melodies guide us in self-inquiry and reflection. Through the power of music and shared experience, we'll uplift our spirits and connect deeply with each other. Join us for an evening of meditation, music, and self- inquiry.

  These will be the essence of the session


  • The session would start with a short guided meditation to connect us and relax the body and mind. People have reported, that these meditations can put them in a deeply relaxed state. They often feel like coming home. 

  • Following this, there will be an open space for sharing reflections on the meditation experience and its resonance with personal life situations. However, if one prefers to be present and listen simply, that is equally honored.

  • We will learn, explore, and sing together songs from the Kabir tradition. 

  • To conclude, there will be a guided meditation to gently bring the session to a close, offering participants a moment of reflection and integration. 

  • There is no prerequisite to attending this workshop. Simply showing up with an open mind is enough

  • The workshop is held on 8th April from 5 pm - 7 pm. 

  • For more details and location, drop a WhatsApp message on +917483675440

The workshop will be held on donation basis
About the facilitator

Vimal is an empathic facilitator who can guide the group on a self realisation journey . He is also a musican and singer songwriter. 

vimal- founder
Take a look:
river - client

"Attending this gathering has been an incredible experience! Vimal is an amazing facilitator who creates a safe and sacred space where souls can express, experience, and evolve. Highly recommend!" - River

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Makea donation here: +917483675440

Wishing you well

Vimal 🙏

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